SQL Analyzer Tagetik

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Sometimes we cannot use a usefull database sql management because the database is closed... etc. Then we need to activate the sql analyzer inside tagetik to make queries to the application databases, if we need to do that, we need to go:

Repository > Users and Roles > Users and roles > Roles > Roles Tables

We need to create a role, "Found Advanced" for example, and a description. Inside of this role we need to add the module FOUND_ADVANCED, save it, and deploy it

After that, we need to add this role to the users so inside: Repository > Users and roles > Users and roles > Users > User/Roles relationships

We need to modify the database role and check "multirole" column and save it Later, modify again and put the role we have created before, save and reload it.

Now inside the Application databases > tools > Utility > Query Analyzer we can select the database and make queries.